dd image onto a usb key

Linda Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Wed May 23 05:22:00 GMT 2007

Mohammed Iqbal.H wrote:
> Hi ALL
> Can some one tell me how to dd a image onto a USB key.
	An image?  An image of what?  A jpeg image? GIF?
What image are you trying to copy to a USB device?  I "sorta" assume
that when you properly mount / install / insert the USB key under
Windows (XP, right?), it shows up as some sort of disk?  It's
probably already formatted with a FAT-type filesystem of a specific
type and size for that device.

	You should be able to copy files onto the device just
like you would copy files onto a floppy.  Under XP, if you only
have 1 hard disk and 1 CD/DVD drive, they are probably "C" and "D".
If this is the first extra "drive" (or USB key) you've attached to
your system,  XP will probably use "E", "F" or "G".  You should be
able to see it with the rest of your drives if you open "My Computer".

	For sake of discussion, lets say it mapped the USB key's "drive"
to "G:".  Under cygwin with a standard setup, you should be able to
access the drive with /cygdrive/g

	Is this what you wanted?

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