ps command

Brian Salter-Duke
Tue May 22 06:04:00 GMT 2007

Apologies for asking this. I asked it many years ago and did not get an
answer that allowed me to progress. I can not find the earlier replies
but of course cygwin has improved since then.

I have a program that runs in the background a bit like at daemon. It is
called 'qseek'. I want to know whether it is running from a script. On
linux I run ps in the script and grep the output to see if 'qseek' is
there. On cygwin all I get is this line:-

     1688       1    1876       3644    0 1004 15:03:03 /usr/bin/perl

because qseek is a perl script. Is there any way that I can get output
of the running processes that will include the text, 'qseek'? Or can
anyone suggest a work around. I need a script to be able to find out
whether qseek is running, in order to start it if it is not, and leave
it running if it is. I am trying again to get this code working
correctly on cygwin as well as linux.

Regards, Brian.
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