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Mon May 21 17:55:00 GMT 2007

I just signed up for this forum since it looks like there's quite a bit of
useful information on Cygwin here. I have already consulted the Cygwin
manual and searched this forum
but I haven't been able to find the answer to my question. I picked up a
book on SSH (SSH, The Secure Shell from O'Reilly) and it discussed limiting
SSH logins with the AllowUsers command.

In the directory cygwin/etc/defaults/etc, I added the AllowUsers setting
with Notepad in the ssh_config file but nothing happened. I could still log
in with other accounts. I then removed this setting and added it in the
sshd_config file in the same directory. Still nothing. I removed the setting

In the cygwin/etc directory, I added the AllowUsers setting. This time it
worked only too well. Now, I could not even log in and I was the one who was

I added the setting near the beginning of the file in each of the three
files (as the second or third line) although I'm not sure whether this is
significant. Since I'm somewhat new to Cygwin, I'm not sure what info is
relevant to include as I ask for help. I'm running Cygwin on a Windows XP
Home Edition computer. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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