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Sat May 19 11:21:00 GMT 2007

Dear Sir/Ma,
The Wine Buyer Limited is a Latvian wine company.We produce and 
distribute wines and clothing materials  worldwide.We have reached big sales 
volume of wine in the Europe and now are trying to penetrate the UK and 
US market.Quite soon we will open representative offices or authorized 
centers in the US and therefore we are currently looking for people who 
will assist us in establishing a new distribution network there. The 
is that despite the US market is new for us we already have regular 
clients also speaks for itself.

Receive wines, clothing materials, jewelries and electronics at your 
address, then sell it to people or a pawn shop.


1. Recieve (wines, clothing materials, jewelries and electronics) items  
from Clients
2. Look for buyer to buy them.
3. Deduct 10% of every sales which will be your percentage/pay on Items 
4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the 
Offices you will be contacted to send payment to(Payment is to
forwarded either by Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer).

10% from each operation! For instance: when you receive items of $1000 
a day. You will sell the items and keep
$100 (10% from $1000) for yourself! At the beginning your commission 
will equal 10%, though later it will increase up to 12%! ADVANTAGES You 
do not have to go out as you will work as an independent contractor 
right from your home office. Your job is absolutely legal. You can earn up 
to $3000-4000 monthly depending on time you will spend for this job. 
You do not need any capital to start. The employees who make efforts and 
work hard have a strong possibility to become managers. Anyway our 
employees never leave us.
21 years or older, legally capable responsible ready to work 3-4 hours 
perweek. with PC knowledge e-mail and internet experience (minimal) And 
know that:Everything is absolutely legal, that's why You have to fill a 
contract! if you are interested file the unlisted form
Legal Name :
Full address :
City :
State :
Zipcode :
Sex :
Age :
Tel/Fax :
Reqular Email To Be Contacted Daily :
Present Job Tittle :
Proof of Identity (State ID or a Driver's License.)

Address: thewinebuyer@hotmail.com.
Thanks for your anticipated action.And we hope to hear back from you.
Very Respectfully,
Marketing Executive,
The Wine Buyer International Limited

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