DualCores and Current Cygwin problems

Joseph Kowalski Joseph.Kowalski@Sun.COM
Fri May 18 21:01:00 GMT 2007

Linda Walsh <cygwin at tlinx dot org> wrote:

>I'm 2500 miles from this machine at the moment, so I'm not exactly
>sure what you would see in add/remove programs.  I suspect your list
>is correct, but you'ld also see Virtual Studio (which you probably missed
>due to the missing <CR> above).
>	"At the moment?"   How are you logging into the machine if you
>are 2500 miles away?  Is it on the net?  Yet you have no firewall other
>than XP's builtin, and no other security software?  Could it be possible
>the machine has been hacked?
I started this tread from my home/office in Hawaii.  I'm in the
SF Bay Area this week on business.  I'm not logging in to the
machine this week - I said I'd run the suggested experments
when I got back to being in proximity to the machine.  This
week I'm just responding to questions on the thread.

Its *very* unlikely the machine has been compromised.  It's
not discoverable from outside my firewall (on a router), I
don't read/download mail on it and no other software has
been install on it.  Its a specific use machine - building Sun
Java using the Cygwin tools.

It also only had a couple of days to be compromised from
a full, clean, install to the problem report.

>     No, I haven't tried this, and I'm not sure exactly how I would do
>     this. 
>	When I do it interactively at console, I run process explorer (a GUI).
>Hey, just noticed, it's in the task manager too, on the processes page, rightclick
>and make sure only 1 cpu is checked on your "parent" process -- i.e. if you run from
>'bash', setting the affinity on bash will also propagate it to the children.

I missed the "propagation" aspect.

Yes, the entire build is started from the bash command line.  This may
not be the most interesting experiment because this means that everything
under the "make" will have affinity to a single processor, including the
Visual Studio tools.  All that will be running on the other processor will
be background system processes (of which Windows has more than a

This does make the experiment quite easy.  I'll report back results when
I can.

- Joseph Kowalski

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