Cygwin Easy: let you work with Cygwin without any installation

Fri May 18 16:01:00 GMT 2007

Hi to all,

      I create Cygwin Easy, an autorun disk that let you work easily
and quickly with Cygwin environment in a Windows computer without
install anything on your hard disk.

Visit the project site for more infos:

Here you can find also a video with Cygwin Easy running on Windows
Vista! (I try to upload this video to google video but the quality
degradated and the commands written to the shells weren't readable. If
someone know an online video service without quality loss please let
me know)

The ISO image downloadable from main site includes 448 software
packages (X is one of these), shortly with Cygwin Easy you can do
everything you want.

Howewer you can create your own ISO or USB disk (development of Cygwin
Easy, for example, was made in my USB hard disk) following the
instructions that you can found here:

Cygwin Easy includes also the console project
( thanks to this you can
switch to more cygwin shells with tabs (keyboard shorcuts are similar
to Linux: ALT-Fx to switch to x console).

I point my attention also on computers where Cygwin is already
installed, in this case after you use Cygwin Easy the system return
back to the previous environment.

Read the documentation on the project site for more informations and features.

If you have problem with Cygwin Easy or you want to give me some
suggestions please post in the project discussion group:

I would to thank fergus
( and Dick
Repasky (, without their works Cygwin Easy
wasn't possible.

I hope you find this project useful, try it and let me know your impressions.

Use Cygwin everywhere with Cygwin Easy!


PS: I create Cygwin Easy because Windows is the only OS without an
UNIX-like shell (PowerShell has similar commands but different syntax
and it's a bit slow because it's .NET based), an indispensable system
component for me that I work with Linux, Mac OS X, Haiku and Solaris.
Thanks to Cygwin Easy I can use this shell in every Windows
installation I find.

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