Adding to a windows zip file without zip.exe

Dave Korn
Thu May 17 00:52:00 GMT 2007

On 16 May 2007 20:33, Chadwick wrote:

> Cygwin is currently installed on over a hundred windows 2003 servers, and is
> used to do some admin tasks as well as to pull files from the servers on a
> daily basis via ssh.  One of the files pulled from each server is a windows
> ZIP file.
> I want to add an extra file to this ZIP file using a script.  I looked at
> both DOS batch scripts and cygwin shell scripts but have run into problems
> because the cygwin installed on these boxes doesnt contain ZIP.exe, and the
> PKZIP.exe I would used with a batch script is so old it only accepts 8.3
> filenames.

  Could you pull /both/ the zip and the new file by ssh, and just install and
use zip.exe on the one machine where you're receiving them, and add the file
to the zip there?

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