environment setup for bash and tcsh

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Wed May 16 22:05:00 GMT 2007

Karl Kobata wrote:

> I thought I understood how the environment is setup but I guess I don't
> really.
> Can anyone tell me the order and file names that are executed to get the
> environment setup for a bash shell and tcsh shell?
> Bash:
> /etc/profile -> /etc/bashrc -> ~/.bash_profile -> ~/.bash_login ->
> ~/.profile

For bash it is not a simple static list of files, it depends on a number
of factors: whether it's a login shell, whether it's an interactive
shell, whether it was invoked as 'sh' or 'bash', and so on.  Read the
man page, section INVOCATION.  Everything is explained there.


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