MD5s of setup.exe on mirrors.

Dave Korn
Mon May 14 20:36:00 GMT 2007

On 14 May 2007 21:27, Markus E.L. wrote:

> often. Did you mean setup.ini instead? But setup.ini is coming from
> the mirror, isn't it?

  Well, it comes from the mirror, same as the packages do, but it isn't
generated there, if that's what you mean.

> (And this is a serious question: If it comes from the mirror, what
> happens if a mirror has setup.ini updated, but not all of the packages
> yet?)

  Setup.ini is autogenerated on every five or ten minutes or so.
It will only change /after/ the package changes on, so the mirror
will either get the changed package but not the new .ini, or it will get both,
but it shouldn't be possible to get the new .ini without the changed package
unless it is travelling backwards in time. 

  Which would be a very odd way to run a mirror!

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