ssh-add fails in Windows Vista

Corinna Vinschen
Mon May 14 14:36:00 GMT 2007

On Apr 28 11:47, Mihai Anitescu wrote:
> Hi all,
> The problem is similar to the one outlined in the thread of
> but I could not find the answer. 
> I have attached the strace and cygcheck -srv outputs. 
> SSH_AUTH_SOCK and SSH_AGENT_PID are set by " eval  `ssh-agent -s`" and read correctly by ssh-add as far as I can tell from strace at points 16249 and 16332. 
> Nonetheless, I still get the "Cannot connect to the agent" error.It seems to me the problem starts once the socket file is processed, at point 1189861 in strace. The text version of the file starts with "!<socket >56572 s 332F1 ......"

Works fine for me with a restricted admin account, so that's not a
generic problem.  The error you're referring to...

> [...]
>   178 1189861 [main] ssh-add 83428 __set_winsock_errno: connect:775 - winsock error 10036 -> errno 119

is not actually a problem but expected.  It's a simple EINPROGRESS which
is normal for a connect on non-blocking sockets.  Cygwin always switches
to non-blocking under the hood to allow to interrupt the process when in
a system call.

The actual error happens here:

> [...]
>   189 2191463 [main] ssh-add 83428 cygwin_getsockopt: WinSock SO_ERROR = 10061
>    82 2191545 [main] ssh-add 83428 cygwin_getsockopt: 0 = getsockopt (3, 65535, 0x1007, 0x22C894, 0x22C898)
>    66 2191611 [main] ssh-add 83428 __set_errno: int cygwin_connect(int, const sockaddr*, socklen_t):806 val 111

The call to getsockopt is made by the connect procedure itself.  It's
unclear to me why you get a "connection refused" error (Winsock 10061 ==
WSAECONNREFUSED) at this point.  Is it possible that your firewall
software is blocking ssh-add?  Keep in mind that AF_LOCAL sockets are
not available on Windows natively and so are implemented as local
AF_INET sockets.


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