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Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon May 14 12:13:00 GMT 2007

On May  1 22:55, Eric Blake wrote:
> I noticed a couple of functions that cause link errors even though they are 
> required by POSIX (or at least will be required by the next version of POSIX), 
> implemented by newlib, and declared in the headers:
> _Exit
> dprintf
> There is also a big list of integer-only and reentrant variants of *printf that 
> might be worth exporting:
> asiprintf, _asiprintf, asiprintf_r, _asiprintf_r, diprintf, _diprintf, 
> diprintf_r, _diprintf_r, _dprintf, dprintf_r, _dprintf_r, fiprintf_r, 
> _fiprintf_r, fprintf_r, _fprintf_r, iprintf_r, _iprintf_r, printf_r, _printf_r, 
> siprintf_r, _siprintf_r, sniprintf, _sniprintf, sniprintf_r, _sniprintf_r, 
> snprintf_r, _snprintf_r, sprintf_r, _sprintf_r, vasiprintf, _vasiprintf, 
> vasiprintf_r, _vasiprintf_r, vdiprintf, _vdiprintf, vdiprintf_r, _vdiprintf_r, 
> vdprintf, _vdprintf, vdprintf_r, _vdprintf_r, vfiprintf_r, _vfiprintf_r, 
> vfprintf_r, _vfprintf_r, viprintf, _viprintf, viprintf_r, _viprintf_r, 
> vprintf_r, _vprintf_r, vsiprintf, _vsiprintf, vsiprintf_r, _vsiprintf_r, 
> vsniprintf, _vsniprintf, vsniprintf_r, _vsniprintf_r, vsnprintf_r, 
> _vsnprintf_r, vsprintf_r, _vsprintf_r

Why the underscore variants?  Are they covered by any standard?  If not,
we don't export these variants anymore.  The existing ones have been
originally exported to maintain some compatibility to msvcrt, but this
is a moot point for a long time.


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