How can I uninstall Cygwin? -- Where must I enter "umount" for this purpose?

Reini Urban
Sun May 13 19:18:00 GMT 2007

Morgan Gangwere schrieb:
> erm... there ARE other 3pp apps that have detrimental effects after
> installation of Cygwin. one of them is (of all things) Irssi, the IRC
> client.
> Cygwin does some mangling of the fs, setting up mount points in
> certain places it needs.

But those mounts points are just helpers for the cygwin1.dll.
If there ARE other 3pp apps which need those mount points (and cygwin of 
course), then you are not allowed to deinstall cygwin, because then your 
other 3pp apps will need work at all.
If other 3pp apps are no cygwin apps, then you can safely remove those 
mount points, or not. Nobody cares for those registry entries besides 
the cygwin dll.

> On 5/6/07, Reini Urban <rurban xxxx > wrote:
                                 ^AARGH PCYMTNQREAIYR

>> Ghuoargh schrieb:
>> > A few days ago I have downloaded Cygwin from and 
>> installed it
>> > on my computer.
>> > However, since then some other programs did not function properly any
>> > more and it may be that Cygwin is responsible for this.
>> > Therefore I want to uninstall Cygwin.
>> > I read on the pages of, that in order to do this I need to
>> > enter the command "umount" (several times) somewhere and uninstall by
>> > this procedure all mount points which are listed when I enter "mount"
>> > alone (this procedure is correct, or?).
>> Please read
>> mount points are just registry entries which do no harm to other
>> programs and are deleted by step 6 of the FAQ entry.

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