Markus E.L. ls-cygwin-2006@m-e-leypold.de
Sun May 13 15:25:00 GMT 2007

Markus Schönhaber <mailing-cygwin@schoenhaber.de> writes:

> [manually deleted] wrote:
>> PS: Brian, I've been living under the impression that we are under the
>>     rule not to include cleartext email addresses in quotes? Is that
>>     still so and would you, please, not burn my address further?
> If you don't want your address burnt, then why don't you add a real name
> to the From: field of your posts but expect people to manually remove
> your email address from the quotation header? 

Because I was not aware, that it is the absence of the real name that
triggers inserting an _unmangled_ mail address. 

As it is, there is just the email in the 'From:' since I (just for the
moment) have to add the 'From:' address manually each time. 

> A thing they wouldn't need
> to do if there was something more than just your mail address in From:.

Regards -- Markus

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