MD5s of setup.exe on mirrors.
Sun May 13 13:09:00 GMT 2007

Brian Dessent writes:

> ls-cygwin-2006@xxxxxxxxxxx.xx wrote:
>> Please anyone touch setup.exe? If the mirrors pick it up then we (you!
>> :) know that it is, somehow, a time stamping issue. The issue can
>> probably not be cleared up right now and is probably not worth the
>> trouble, but perhaps it can be just fixed.
> I've touched the setup.exe on  

Thanks Brian. It seems to work: Not all mirrors have picked up the
change yet, but those that have and those which I checke are now
carrying the executable from

> I think you should email the hostmaster of if the
> one byte discrepancy continues because it would indicate a flaw in
> their mirroring process.

Thankfully I'm spared to argue that, but the executable was wrong at
all mirrors I checked, not only That would suggests
a common cause, very probably something at the master site (which is, isn't it?). Whatever -- I can't see me writing the
host masters of some 20 or 30 mirrors to point them to an error that
was probably upstream.

(Or did I somehow miss the significance of in that

But thankfully that is academic now: I expect the other mirrors to
pick up the changes within the next days and will perhaps actually
write to those that don't (esp. if they are those that I use :-),
because that would really indicate breakage in those mirrors.

Regards -- Markus

PS: Brian, I've been living under the impression that we are under the
    rule not to include cleartext email addresses in quotes? Is that
    still so and would you, please, not burn my address further?

    (And yes I know I might not have stuck to that rule in all cases
     myself within the last 2 days, my apologies: I have to remove the
     addresses by hand and in my annoyance probably forgot once or

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