Running OpenOffice from in cygwin.

Brian Dessent
Sun May 13 13:05:00 GMT 2007

Brian Salter-Duke wrote:

> d) Anywhere  - "swriter /tmp/ME3268/WSPC.doc" does not open and leaves no
> messages. It seems to not like a full path.

/tmp/anything is a POSIX path.  Only Cygwin apps can understand these
kind of paths, because they are a fiction invented by Cygwin.  You have
to give OO a win32 path, because it's a native Windows application, just
like any other non-Cygwin program.  See man cygpath, e.g. swriter
"$(cygpath -w /tmp/ME3268/WSPC.doc)".  The quotes are essential if the
path expands to something containing a space.  Having OO in the PATH is
unnecessary as well, you can just refer to it by its fully qualified
name, e.g. /path/to/swriter "$(cygpath -w /foo/bar/whatever)"


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