Conflict of names - nc (netcat) and nc (part of nedit)

Joel Rubin
Sat May 12 18:11:00 GMT 2007

nc (netcat, a Swiss army knife network client) and nc (a client for
transmitting commands to the X11 editor nedit) can cause a conflict if
both the nc and nedit packages of Cygwin are installed.

For example, my mail checking cmd.exe script

C:\cygwin\bin\echo -e user jmrubin\npass mypassword\nlist\nquit\n | nc 110

fails if I try to run it in C:\cygwin\usr\bin\X11R6\bin

I suppose that wouldn't be a problem if it were a bash script since
the current directory is always the first element of the cmd path but
this is not true of the bash path.

By the way

1) For cmd or bash scripts there needs to be an explicit path for echo
or an other-named copy/link because the built-in echo doesn't know
from backslash sequences.

2) Some antivirus programs regard netcat as potential malware. It has
some potentially dangerous options (especially where you can listen
and run a program) and either in binary or source form it probably has
been part of a malware package.

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