DualCores and Current Cygwin problems

Joseph Kowalski jek3@sun.com
Fri May 11 01:41:00 GMT 2007

Rene Berber wrote:

 > My problem, I think, is a bad network driver... or at least it takes 
too long for it to "start up". The network card is surely completely 
different from what you use (an Intel PRO/1000 MT with driver from Intel.

Don't be too sure.  The configuration I described also has an Intel 
PRO/1000 MT with driver from Intel (via Microsoft).

Another experiment I didn't mention is I loaded the same software stack 
on to another machine with a single core processor (Shuttle FX41).  It 
also has an Intel PRO/1000 MT.  It showed no problems.

However, I suspect this is just coincidence.  My build is "network 
silent".  The network adapter shouldn't be involved.

- Joseph Kowalski

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