Trademark rights and copyright for "Cygwin" and logo.
Fri May 11 01:36:00 GMT 2007

Hi All,

If I understand it right, Cygwin is trademark of redhat and the Cygwin
logo is copyright protected.

Some people I know (including me) like to have their software on CD
for archiving (to get repeatable results or be able to understand
errors in former setups), so I've written a small tool that creates a
(minimum) 3 CD-Set (1 binary, 2 source) of Cygwin. Since I already
have the tool, I'd like to distribute the CD set at installation
parties and trade fairs. Two questions arise naturally:

 1. May I use the word / product name on the cover as description /
    label of the content (probably not)?

 2. May I use the logo (probably not, too) on the cover?

I've found sentences to the effect that logo and the term "Cygwin" are
copyrighted respectively trademarked, but I haven't seen a license
that would allow distributors to use those. I might have missed
something, so

 - If somebody knows about a text I've missed, would you please point
   me to it?

 - Else whom would I write for more information?

BTW, if I can't do (1) that would be especially sad: As I understand
it I can distribute binaries and source according to the respective
licenses. But I'd also like to give proper credit to the Cygwin
project, the more, the better. At the moment I don't want even to
pretend that what we distribute / give away is a product of ours: Ours
is only the service to download it and fit it on a CD (as I said:
Esp. useful for archiving or to install baselines).

( And yes I understand that Cygwin is also a commercial product -- Redhat is welcome to their
  right and welcome to protecting them if/when they think the
  necessity arises. That is nothing I want to draw in doubt, just to
  forestall a discussion in that direction for the moment. I just
  wouldn't want to label the CD "Footools for Windows" or something to
  that effect and thus _not_ attribute to the project if the necessity
  doesn't arise. And it would still be strange if setup came up with
  the cygwin banner :-).

Regards -- Markus

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