su: cannot set groups: Invalid argument

Ben Atkin
Thu May 10 18:06:00 GMT 2007

I've been using the standard cygwin distribution for setting up
ssh/sftp on Windows Server 2003. It's been working fine for the
Administrator account, but now I'd like to set up another account and
use that, just in case people see ssh running on a windows computer
and try running a password guesser on the Administrator account.

There is a domain account that I'd like to use. I can get to it if I
ssh into the domain controller, but it won't work for other computers
on the domain. I searched for a solution, and I found mkpasswd. I ran
"mkpasswd -d (domain) -u (user)" and it worked without error and so I
appended the entry to /etc/passwd.

To test it, I tried doing "su (username)". It prompts me for the
password, and after I enter the password, it says "su: cannot set
groups: Invalid argument". Does anyone have any idea why this error
might occur? I searched for my error message to no avail.


Ben Atkin

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