SIGINT not delivered on Ctrl-C

Chuck Taylor
Thu May 10 13:32:00 GMT 2007

Does anyone know why a SIGINT signal would fail to be
delivered to a Cygwin-linked process (via Ctrl-C) in
the scenario where all of the following conditions

1) Process in question is launched from a
non-Cygwin-linked program (such as native Windows
command prompt), with all of stdin, stdout, and stderr

2) Process registers a SIGINT handler via Cygwin's
implementation of signal() and waits for signal to be

Attaching a WinDBG to the process in question shows
that the process is indeed receiving the Ctrl-C
exception from Windows.  However, program behavior
proves that the SIGINT handler is not being called. 
If any of the stdio channels are left unredirected, or
if process is launched from a Cygwin-linked program
(e.g. from bash instead of non-Cygwin-linked program),
then SIGINT is delivered successfully.

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