Successful build of GCC 4.2.0 RC3 on latest Cygwin snapshot 20070427

Aaron Gray
Wed May 9 13:54:00 GMT 2007

> Aaron Gray wrote:
>>> One issue that might affect many some is that COM doesn't work. 
>>> <> has a patch that 
>>> is pending review I guess, but probably won't go into 4.2.
>> Does this effect XPCOM meaning Mozilla and friends will not compile ?
> It is triggered anywhere multiple inheritance is combined with stdcall. 
>  Since I believe XPCOM uses stdcall on Windows (but "cdecl" on other 
> targets), I believe the answer here is 'Yes, Mozilla will not compile.'

But its fine on Unix platforms, that is good.

I am not sure if MinGW will/is used to compile Mozilla on Windows anyway.
> I think it's likely that will include this fix in their own 
> releases of 4.2, which is probably a bad thing, as it makes the need to 
> get this fix into official GCC sources seem less urgent.  A lot of GCC 
> patches for Windows-related issues tend to stall for a long time in this 
> state; I'm not really sure why.

Yes, this is perplexing.


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