pty limit set to 100 ?

Christopher Faylor
Wed May 9 01:14:00 GMT 2007

On Tue, May 08, 2007 at 09:39:26PM +0100, Bruce Bushby wrote:
>Greetings list
>I have searched the mail archives for "pty limit" but
>didn't find anything....also a little pushed for time
>hence my lack of RTFM or further searching
>I'm running the latest Cygwin on a windows XP lenovo
>T60 laptop. I elected to install "everything" and
>pexpect (expect for python). I have a ksh shell that
>calls my pexpect script with an IP address and throws
>it into the background. Ideally I'd like to launch
>2000 procs, but am hitting a "pty limit" of 100.
>I experience the same pty limit if I use normal
>expect, so I assume it's a cygwin "ulimit" of sorts.
>How do I increase the default pty limit of 100 to

Run linux?

But seriously, you can't.  The pty limit is hard wired at somewhere
around 128 or so.


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