[ANNOUNCEMENT] clisp-2.41-2 released

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Tue May 8 11:36:00 GMT 2007

Matthew Woehlke wrote:

> > That is, it starts on 2.41-2, but never goes back to that
> > version.
> Hmm, that /is/ odd. In fact, it sounds like it might be a weird setup
> bug i.e. an installed version that is no longer available messes up the
> cycle. I would definitely try a setup snapshot and checking the log as
> per Brian's advice (although I'm not sure if the log will help since
> setup does seem to know about the new version). If you're feeling
> adventurous you could download the setup source code and have a look
> around. :-)

Yes, it is a setup bug.  And yes, I'm pretty sure it's been reported
before.  It only happens when you have a version installed that's so old
it's no longer available on the mirror, I think.

Every time I go to try to track down these kind of bugs I become
overwhelmed by the mess of spaghetti code that handles the 'cycle
selection' thing.  It's hard to follow and hard to maintain, and I'd
like one day to start over and rewrite that part with a more logical

In the mean time I think you can use the workaround of installing an
intermediate version and then upgrading that to the Curr version.  And
of course if anybody would like to look at the setup code and offer a
fix, that would be P-extremely-TC.


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