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Mon May 7 01:29:00 GMT 2007

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Andrew Walrond wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 May 2007 14:55:18 Andrew Walrond wrote:
>> Hello list
>> First off; I've been using cygwin for years, on and off, but this is the
>> first time I have joined the ML, so I just like to say
>> _fantastic_work_guys_ to all involved.
>> A minor problem (possible bug): If I try to run xemacs in the cygwin
>> terminal, without an X window, via the -nw option, its behaviour is a
>> little stange:
>> Ctrl-x ctrl-c does not exit, merely prints "Quit" on the bottom (command?)
>> line.
>> Ctrl-g, which normally aborts the current key sequence or command, causes
>> xemacs to exit (crash?) immediately.
>> If anyone has a handle on what gives here, I'd appreciate it. Firing up
>> xemacs in an X window every time is just too cumbersome for words ;)
>> Andrew Walrond
>> FWIW I'm actually running cygwin on a windows XP VM under 64bit Unbuntu
>> using QEMU/KVM. :)
> Is there a better place to report this? How do I find out who maintains the 
> xemacs/cygwin port?
> Andrew Walrond

This is the place to report the problem.  You may want to try looking
through the email archives for similar reports, if you have not already.
I do remember some questions brought before about "-nw" but I don't
recall details.

You can also look at the cygwin-announce list for an announcement from
the maintainer but unless it specifically asks for reports to be sent to
him directly, the proper way to engage him is through this list.

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