[ANNOUNCEMENT] clisp-2.41-2 released

Aaron Brown arundelo@hotmail.com
Mon May 7 00:59:00 GMT 2007

Dave Korn wrote:

>> I've tried a few mirrors (ftp.kr.freebsd.org,
>> ftp.mirrorservice.org, mirror.calvin.edu, and
>> mirrors.kernel.org) but the newest CLISP on all of them
>> is 2.41-1.
> You may be doing something wrong:  all those mirrors are
> up-to-date, and according to the timestamps have been
> since a couple of days after the release

Indeed I was.  I use a dialup connection and, to minimize
the time spent downloading, I select the "Keep" radio button
on the "Select Packages" screen.  This has the additional
effect of hiding version 2.41-2 (is this because it's marked
as experimental?).  When I leave "Curr" selected, version
2.41-2 shows up fine.

Is there an easy way to use setup.exe to install CLISP
2.41-2 (or any other desired package) without having to
manually uncheck all the things I don't want?



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