opening windows shell in emacs - problem

Dave Korn
Sun May 6 20:01:00 GMT 2007

On 06 May 2007 20:38, mineshvarmas wrote:

> Hi ALl,
> I installed cywin on my windows xp machine and when i tried to open the
> windows shell in emacs, i found that cygwin had taken over the cmd shell
> (thats what i think..)

  Nah, cygwin doesn't do that.

> unix commands like ls, started working in the windows shell. is this
> what it should it do? i thought that the commands should be working in
> the bash shell.
> when i did a pwd in the windows shell, the output was /cygdrive/c/emacs/bin
> why should the /cygdrive/ prefix appear, in a windows native shell?

  It's not a native shell.  It /is/ a bash shell.  Apparently emacs has
noticed that you now have a real bash shell and decided to invoke that instead
of cmd.exe.

> the tab completion wich was working before i installed cygwin, doesn't
> work now.
> for examples i have a word.exe file in a folder and when i tried to run
> this i usually type the first few chars and then press tab for
> autocompletion, but it only gives me the options that are there in the
> C:\cygwin\bin

  That's because the current directory isn't in your path, and/or the
tab-completion is case-sensitive now, and/or the document needs to have the
'x' flag set in its perms before bash will complete it as the first word on a

> how can i get back the original windows command prompt without
> uninstalling cygwin. i could use the cygwin bash shell sperately.

  You'll need to reconfigure emacs to point to cmd.exe instead of bash.  I'm
afraid the mysteries of emacs are .. well ... mysteries, to me, so I can't
advise, but I'm sure someone else will be able to point you at the relevant
config option.  

  (It may have occurred that you have installed the cygwin emacs in addition
to your original emacs and some of the settings are getting mixed up.  I don't
use emacs, so I don't really understand it).

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