Successful build of GCC 4.2.0 RC3 on latest Cygwin snapshot 20070427

Aaron Gray
Sun May 6 15:37:00 GMT 2007

> Danger, Will Robinson: the g++ from gcc-4.2.0 does not have any support 
> for catching exceptions thrown across DLL boundaries.  Nor does it include 
> the fix for empty strings (PR24196).
> The former problem can be solved by building libgcc shared, and 
> libstdc++/libsupc++ shared.  Absent modern libtool support (which is 
> partially present only in trunk), this will be tricky.  But even when you 
> get an initial DLL version of these libraries, there will certainly be a 
> long shakedown period...
> So don't anybody here on the cygwin list get too excited yet. <g>

Yes, it looks like we are getting a few instances of this on the LLVM test 

Oh well, looks like the Cygwin build is not going to make it for the LLVM 
2.0 Release.


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