Cygwin on portable drive, loss of +R on *.lnk

Sun May 6 12:12:00 GMT 2007

Invariably on connecting my portable drive to a running XP machine, Windows runs through AutoPlay and ends by offering various tasks including None Of These, which is the option I always choose. The portable drive contains a complete Cygwin installation with all links *.lnk marked +R. I have never experienced difficulty using Cygwin set up in this way: actually, using a script that attends to the mount requirements, it works faultlessly on any number of machines including workplace machines with their paranoid owner/ user/ guest protections apparently in place. So I have exactly one Cygwin setup, usable wherever I am on whatever machine, which is a very simple and robust arrangement.
A colleague with an identical setup reports that recently on insertion of the portable drive into a Windows machine, and after AutoPlay had run, all +R file attributes were lost on the portable machine, rendering all links inoperable. (For clarity: the files *.lnk were still there and unchanged, just the +R attribute had been clobbered. Effective cure: run "attrib +r *.lnk /s" from a Command prompt.)
Can anybody offer any illumination on this reported phenomenon and if so, suggest a procedure for preventing its occurrence? Thank you.

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