Problem running Cygwin Apache2 as Windows XP service

Dave Korn
Sun May 6 06:21:00 GMT 2007

On 04 May 2007 20:39, William Sutton wrote:

> I cannot get Apache 2 under Windows XP Professional to run as a service
> using cygrunsrv.  In the present configuration, when I attempt to run a
> simple environment variables cgi script, the error log tells me:
>> [Fri May 04 14:01:16 2007] [error] [client XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] Symbolic link
>> not allowed or link target not accessible: /srv/www/cgi-bin
> I'm thinking that the presense of symlinked directories shouldn't matter
> since the configuration works just fine when apachectl is manually run via
> an xterm. 
> I've tried this using the SYSTEM user, my user, real directories, etc., with
> no luck.  From the command line, it works like a champ.  Run as a service,
> it fails.
> Any thoughts on what to do (details follow)?

> - vhost in /srv
>     - mounting cgi-bin off a Samba export from a Linux box

  Do you have CYGWIN=smbntsec?

>   cygrunsrv -I apache -d "CYGWIN apache" -p /usr/sbin/apachectl2 -a "start"
>   (user set as the local 'William Sutton' user)

  Maybe the -i flag would help it behave more like it does from the

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