Problem running Cygwin Apache2 as Windows XP service

William Sutton
Fri May 4 20:00:00 GMT 2007

First off, hi to all of you :}

Now for the problem...

I cannot get Apache 2 under Windows XP Professional to run as a service using
cygrunsrv.  In the present configuration, when I attempt to run a simple
environment variables cgi script, the error log tells me:

| [Fri May 04 14:01:16 2007] [error] [client XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] Symbolic link not
| allowed or link target not accessible: /srv/www/cgi-bin

I'm thinking that the presense of symlinked directories shouldn't matter since
the configuration works just fine when apachectl is manually run via an xterm.

I've tried this using the SYSTEM user, my user, real directories, etc., with
no luck.  From the command line, it works like a champ.  Run as a service, it

Any thoughts on what to do (details follow)?


- Windows XP Professional version 2002, SP 2 (Intel core 2 duo)
- cygwin 1.5-24.2
- cygrunsrv 1.17-1
- apache2 2.2.3-1

- Windows user is 'William Sutton'
- Cygwin user is 'william' (I changed the user and home directory in my
  cygwin /etc/passwd file for my convenience)
- Cygwin/X (I'm a *NIX guy, but need Windows too)

Apache Configuration:
- Apache is installed and runs properly when started from xterm via
  /usr/sbin/apachectl2 start (e.g., web pages load, cgi programs execute as
  expected, etc.)
- vhost in /srv
    - mounting cgi-bin off a Samba export from a Linux box
    - htdocs is local
- m{/var/log/apache2/([a-z]+.log)*}i are set to william:users, 0755 or 0644
- Service comfigured via
  cygrunsrv -I apache -d "CYGWIN apache" -p /usr/sbin/apachectl2 -a "start"
  (user set as the local 'William Sutton' user)

And in case anyone wonders why I need this to be running on Cygwin, I have to
generate some Word docs from a cgi script and I already have Cygwin installed.

William Sutton

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