rsync with --recursive --files-from=

marvin rishoff
Fri May 4 02:05:00 GMT 2007

Hi ,
I am having a difficult time getting  rsync to run within a bash script, within
cygwin. I can run the command at the command line and it works fine
however when I run it
from the script I get an error :

rsync: failed to open files-from file <(cd
/c/WINDOWS/system32/LogFiles/WMS/[Global]/ && find ./WMS_*.log -mtime
-7 -print): No such file or directory
rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at

the command that works is :

 rsync -avz --recursive --files-from=<(cd
"/c/WINDOWS/system32/LogFiles/WMS/[Global]/" && find ./WMS_*.log
-mtime -7 -print) "/c/WINDOWS/system32/LogFiles/WMS/[Global]" -e ssh

anyone got a min to correct my usage or point me in the right direction

Thanks marvin

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