How can I uninstall Cygwin? -- Where must I enter "umount" for this purpose?

Thu May 3 17:42:00 GMT 2007

Dear Cygwin people!

A few days ago I have downloaded Cygwin from and installed it  
on my computer.
However, since then some other programs did not function properly any more  
and it may be that Cygwin is responsible for this.
Therefore I want to uninstall Cygwin.
I read on the pages of, that in order to do this I need to  
enter the command "umount" (several times) somewhere and uninstall by this  
procedure all mount points which are listed when I enter "mount" alone  
(this procedure is correct, or?).
However, neither the Windows Command Prompt / Command Line Interface / ...  
(the one in the start menu with white text on black background) nor the  
Cygwin Bash Shell recognize these two commands.
So, where do I have to enter "mount" and "umount"?
Is there an easier way to uninstall Cygwin completely -- I have not used  
it so far (apart from trying to uninstall it via the Cygwin Bash Shell)?

Yours faithfully,
Ghu Oargh

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