Successfull Build of gcc on Cygwin WinXp SP2

Tim Prince
Thu May 3 01:42:00 GMT 2007 wrote:
>> On 02 May 2007 13:23, Aaron Gray wrote:
>>> I have a working GCC-4.3-20070427 on latest Cygwin snapshot. GCC took 8
>>> hours to build !
>>  <g> If you think that's slow, try running the full testsuite!
> I tried doing 'make check' but it needed autogen which does not build on 
> Cygwin apparently :(

  autoconf, automake, dejagnu, expect, tcltk should be enough to run 
testsuite, once you have built gcc.  Unlike typical linux, stock cygwin 
builds of the utilities are sufficient.  If testsuite looks for autogen, 
it means something else is broken.

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