Successfull Build of gcc on Cygwin WinXp SP2

Aaron Gray
Thu May 3 01:18:00 GMT 2007

> On 02 May 2007 13:23, Aaron Gray wrote:
>> I have a working GCC-4.3-20070427 on latest Cygwin snapshot. GCC took 8
>> hours to build !
>  <g> If you think that's slow, try running the full testsuite!

I tried doing 'make check' but it needed autogen which does not build on 
Cygwin apparently :(

I have to get into doing the testsuite soon for another GCC project I am 
working on, but on Linux, naturally. We have some old dual 500Mhz processor 
servers I maybe able to get a dual 1GHz too which I am fixing up for the 

>  Anyway, well done!

Thanks, it was all due to the good guidance :)

Thanks again,


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