Anyone using Clearcase on Windows with Cygwin (esp over SSH)?

Shankar Unni
Wed May 2 19:06:00 GMT 2007

If anyone has experience with using Clearcase dynamic views on Windows 
over an ssh session, I'd like to get some tips from you, or exchange info.

As I've indicated in earlier messages (e.g., etc.), I'm running 
into weird permissions problems when I ssh into a Windows 2003 box 
(using the latest cygwin 1.5.24 and the latest openssh).

So far, I have:

* Reinstalled the sshd service using ssh-host-config specifying 
CYGWIN="ntsec smbntsec"

   - that fixed one set of problems, but the list of groups shown by 
"id" is still incomplete, which means there are other permissions issues..

* Added my domain login name to the domain groups in /etc/group 
explicitly (to work around the problem mentioned in

   - that fixed even more problems. I can now perform certain operations 
on my dynamic views (like cleartool edcs / setcs, etc.)

However, my latest problem is that I can see all _directories_ 
perfectly, but any attempt to access a file (or even stat() them) gets a 
Windows Error 1 (ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION) which Cygwin maps to errno 54, 
which displays as "Invalid request code".  (Strace shows 
fhandler_base::open() being called with the full view-extended path, and 
failing with Windows error = 1, which is mapped to errno 54):

    97  264405 [main] cat 3592 fhandler_base::open: 
(m:\builder_ccredwood_view\entfraud\csi\xtms.jpx, 0x110000)
218824  483229 [main] cat 3592 seterrno_from_win_error: 
windows error 1
   128  483357 [main] cat 3592 geterrno_from_win_error: windows error 1 
== errno 54

The bizarre thing, though, is that if I log in to the same machine as 
the same user using, say, Terminal Services (Remote Desktop), and access 
this file:

  - it shows the file properly
  - after that, even the above ssh session can now magically read the 
file properly!

But only that file - it will still croak on other files..  And as soon 
as I log out and log back in again, I can't read that file, again..


I finally got a bit of a clue during a recent login. It seems that 
*occasionally*, my machine is able to contact the PDC when logging in 
via sshd, so that LOGONSERVER is \\pdcname, rather than 
\\localmachinename (using cached credentials).

When it's actually connected to the PDC, then all the Clearcase 
operations work great..

So now, what I have to try is:

* See if there's a way to force the box to talk to the PDC when I'm 
logging in (there's a very poor network connection in between).


* Understand why a session logged in using cached credentials via ssh is 
causing the MVFS such heartburn.

I would appreciate any ideas for debugging this from anyone..

Shankar Unni.

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