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Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed May 2 12:10:00 GMT 2007

Luie Lugo wrote:
> Part of the reason I got this was to listen to streaming feeds from the
> internet. Most of the time they're in the 8000 port range, and my office
> firewall blocks them. After connecting to my home computer which is setup as
> the proxy server, I can get to certain blocked sites (youtube, myspace etc)
> but when I try to connect to the feeds they get stuck in a buffering loop
> where they'll get up to about 80% then drop down to around 2%, and the
> connection to the feed never completes.
> My question is, is this normal behavior? Can certain streaming media not be
> sent through the tunnel? If it can, can anyone give me some suggestions to
> remedy this? Thanks

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I really can't tell anything about the problem you're having with the
information provided but from what you did say, I'm left with a sneaking
suspicion that your questions are not Cygwin-related.  If that is indeed
true, then they are off-topic for this list.  You may want to follow-up
on some more-appropriate list if this is the case.

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