Successfull Build of gcc on Cygwin WinXp SP2

Dave Korn
Wed May 2 09:28:00 GMT 2007

On 01 May 2007 23:48, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Aaron Gray wrote:
>> Thank you. I am a bit unsure of where abouts (what directory) do you
>> install the snapshot ?
> Again, this has nothing to do with gcc, take it the Cygwin list.  

  It would be as well to snip the gcc list from the Cc line when giving such

> that are shared across gcc/binutils/gdb/sim/etc.  If you later do "cvs
> up" from the toplevel you'll accidently get the entire "src" tree

  No, you won't, unless you deliberately add the '-d' option.

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