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Tue Jul 31 20:09:00 GMT 2007

Omigoodness! That's almost to much techno speak for a
luddite like myself! ;-) Thanks for helping me out on
this Morgan, I'm really grateful that you can spare
the time.

Before we get onto that can I just say what an
absolute star your mum is. She's one of the most
amazing women I've ever met. I'm missing her like mad

Soooo...I'll have a look at the websites you
mentioned. I plan to spend tomorrow scanning in my
cuttings. Snore. But has to be done. I can then send
you everything and we can go through some ideas.

Have a look at this link.

This is my old friend Mark. I chose this to send you
because he's a journalist but like me has other stuff
going on. I also like the way you click on his
articles to read them, which is what I'll need.

I'd also like a link to my Guardian blog and a page
about my film writing plus the DCS shoot with some

How does that sound?

And oh one more thing, through Nominet I have
registered the domain name which will
both be useful here. Do you need any more info on that
before you set up the site?

Lisa ;-)

--- Morgan gangwere <> wrote:

> Hi lisa!
> First, i must congratulate you on writing a fun and
> amazingly funny  
> movie -- being OCD can be a great asset to any hit
> man's profession.
> Now, on to the website. I can do a certain amount --
> mostly the  
> design and setup of the website. I use a Content
> Management System  
> called Doop. its really not all that hard to get
> used to using.
> I would (for now) look around (the Open
> Source Web Design  
> website) and (Open Web Design
> Group) -- find one  
> that you like and shoot me off a link.
> First step is drawing a picture -- but i dont have
> to tell you -- you  
> wrote a movie >:)
> Morgan gangwere

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