How to scroll up beyond the text in the cygwin window?

Lewis Hyatt
Mon Jul 30 21:08:00 GMT 2007

mcbenus wrote:
> Hi Cygwin users,
> I have a very basic question: Sometimes when I am running something with
> cygwin the output text is so long, that even if I scroll up I cannot see all
> the text.  Is there a way to change it so that i could scroll more "history"
> back? Or alternatively, can I type something that will save the written
> text? 
> This happens to me for example when I type: 'make check' after installing a
> program. 
> Thanks for your help!
> BK

What are you using for your terminal? If you are using xterm, then you 
can configure the scrollback buffer with the -sl command line option. 
rxvt surely has a similar option. If you are using the plain old CMD 
interface for some reason, right click on the title bar, select 
properties, then layout, then change the screen buffer height.


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