Using RSH on Windows 2003 server?

René Berber
Thu Jul 26 20:18:00 GMT 2007

Li_Adrian wrote:

> I realize that ssh is safer, but my boss said that he wants rsh because
> that is what the rest of our computers are running, or something along
> those lines.  I even got ssh to work, and he still said that he wanted
> rsh.  Believe me, I was pushing for ssh.  I now get a different answer,
> however, when I run rsh commands ("Permission denied.")  Is anyone
> willing to help?

The messages you are receiving ("No Remote Directory.", "Permission denied.")
point out a problem with the user's HOME directory.

It would be better if you specify the steps you used for testing:

- Did you create /etc/passwd and /etc/group on the server;
- Are they local users or domain users;
- Have you tried rlogin?
- Do you get the server's welcome message and prompt for a passwd (if not then
check `which rsh` you are using -- Windows has it's own rsh command).
René Berber

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