screen - doesn't call .bashrc at startup

Thorsten Kampe
Wed Jul 25 15:27:00 GMT 2007

* Andrew Louie (Wed, 25 Jul 2007 08:33:36 -0400)
> On 7/25/07, Thorsten Kampe  wrote:
> > Screen will *never ever* source your .bashrc, that's for sure.
> except when you source your .bashrc file from .bash_profile, and
> thought it would be a neat trick to call screen from .bashrc so that
> it will start up when you start cygwin.....

Well, I guess that happened to a lot of people (including me). Anyway: 
it's still bash sourcing .bashrc and not screen sourcing .bashrc.

Sourcing .bashrc from .bash_profile is actually the "correct" and 
recommended procedure.


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