Own Compiled Program Immediately Crashes on Startup

Hans Streibel streibel.2006@gmx.net
Wed Jul 18 14:03:00 GMT 2007

Hello Dave,

> Hey, I've never seen it before.  I guess it isn't the problem then. 
> Trouble is, there's very little else goes on before main.

Startup code, crt0.o

> Hans, is there any C++ with static objects with constructors in
> this program?

No, all is plain old C (K&R, pre ANSI C I guess).
I think that editor was written even before C++ was invented...
(Nevertheless it still is my favorite text editor)

> > How can I link to a dll directly? It is a dynamic library so
> > as far as I know there is nothing the linker could do here.
> You specify "-l<libname>", and the compiler and linker find the import
> stub library (.dll.a) for you.  That's all I meant by the phrase. 

I put a "-lcygwin" just in front of the "-lncurses".
No difference.

> Anyway, I guess the next thing to try is invoke the executable under
> gdb and see if that shows you any more useful information about where
> it's gotten to when it crashes.

I already did so. Have a look at the "typescript1" attachment
in my original posting. gdb just issues an error that I cannot
understand. But I even get that same gdb error when I try to debug
my running "hello world" program. Thus I suppose it has something
to do with gdb. A different problem.

That I why I inserted a printf() statement right at the
beginning of the main() function.



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