Setup.exe 1.5.24-2

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue Jul 17 21:30:00 GMT 2007

Chip Skipowski wrote:
> Dave <kilroyd <at>> writes:
>> In order to "Install from Local Directory" you need a copy of all of the
>> packages you intend to install. This is typically obtained by the
>> "Download from Internet" option, but the packages are also retained when
>> you "Install from Internet".
>> Solution: Choose Install from Internet instead.
> This is on a non-networked system (don't ask).  I guess I'll have to just
> download the packages I want and dump them in that directory, then install from
> that local package directory.

It might be easiest to use wget or similar to just download everything.

>> If setup.exe is crashing on an empty package directory, this is a bug
>> that ought to be fixed. A version for setup.exe would be nice (it's on
>> the first dialog), just to confirm that this is with the latest version
>> - 1.5.24-2 is the current cygwin1.dll version.
> Yes, it is Setup.exe version 1.5.24-2.  Just downloaded it today.  ;-)

That would make it 'setup.exe' version 2.573.2.2.  See:


As Dave said, 1.5.24.-2 is the current version for the Cygwin package,
containing the DLL.  A version for any particular package that you
download and/or install has no particular relationship to the version
of 'setup.exe' (or any other package for that matter).

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