Setup.exe 1.5.24-2

Tue Jul 17 20:52:00 GMT 2007

Chip Skipowski wrote:
> I'm trying to run Setup.exe 1.5.24-2 on a freshly patched XP SP2 system.  The
> only non-default settings I use during setup are to tell it the download source
> is "Install from Local Directory" and then I configure the Local Package
> Directory to be a directory (currently empty) on my hard drive.  As soon as I
> specify the Local Package directory and click "Next", Setup.exe crashes.
> Ideas on a fix?

In order to "Install from Local Directory" you need a copy of all of the
packages you intend to install. This is typically obtained by the
"Download from Internet" option, but the packages are also retained when
you "Install from Internet".

Solution: Choose Install from Internet instead.

If setup.exe is crashing on an empty package directory, this is a bug
that ought to be fixed. A version for setup.exe would be nice (it's on
the first dialog), just to confirm that this is with the latest version
- 1.5.24-2 is the current cygwin1.dll version.



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