hacked package on server

Pedro Alves pedro_alves@portugalmail.pt
Tue Jul 17 02:02:00 GMT 2007

Erich Dollansky wrote:
> Carlo Florendo wrote:
>> Brian Mathis wrote:
>> The OP said:
>>  > "Do you want to skip the package?" and has a yes and no button.
>>  > I read it quickly and pressed no before thinking about it"
>>                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> So you see, it's a problem of thought.  The UI message *is* very clear.
>> One simply needs to think before acting.
> the message is clear.
> The user answers that he wants to install.
> As I understand this threat, the message is misleading in this case.
> I noticed this many times with the installer. A person who knows the 
> installer, can give the proper answer. A normal user will answer the 
> question as he understands it using plain English.
> Do you want to skip the package?
> No!
> Why did I start the installer in the first place?
> To install the package.

Perhaps the screen should flash, and a loud beep
should sound every time a MessageBox not related to
"install to package" wants to show up.  Then wait 3 seconds,
show a "warning, going out of install mode" MessageBox,
sleep a bit more, and only then show the skip message box.

I mean, there has got to be a way to for the program
to ask the user a non install related package, right?

Seriously:  Everyone's clicked on a wrong button before.
I know I have - I just don't remember the last time.

The switch from:

"do you want to format your drive?:

+-----+  +-----+
+ yes +  + no  +
+-----+  +-----+


"do you want to format your drive?:

+--------+  +---------+
+ format +  + cancel  +
+--------+  +---------+

... Makes it much easier to understand what the software's up to.

And, paint the pushbuttons the same color you've
done your bikeshed.

Pedro Alves

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