Problem after fresh Cygwin installation

René Berber
Fri Jul 13 20:01:00 GMT 2007

Bernd Bartmann wrote:

> Now comes the weird part. I created a new file hello.c in my home dir
> with vim. ls -al shows that the file exists, but "more hello.c" gives
> no output at all. I just get a new shell prompt.

This is going to sound strange but, which more are you running?  There is
Windows' own more, and package util-linux's more, which is the one you expected
but perhaps didn't install.

Does `cat hello.c` work?

Does `less hello.c` work?

> The same problem
> exits when I run "gcc hello.c -o hello". Nothing happens, not even an
> error message is displayed and no file hello is created.

The parameter "-o hello" actually produces hello.exe, does that file exist?

> Also, I don't get a colored shell prompt, but only a $ sign.
> Any clues?

`echo $PS1` shows how your prompt is defined, I think I have the default setting
and get this result:

$ echo $PS1
\[\033]0;\w\007 \033[32m\]\u@\h \[\033[33m\w\033[0m\] $

If you get anything else that means that you changed it, somewhere in your bash
initialization files (.bashrc, .bash_profile, etc.)
René Berber

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