cygserver error

Lester Ingber
Wed Jul 11 15:04:00 GMT 2007


: You did, apparently.  However, I can not reproduce this problem.  I
: created a setup which also starts cygserver automatically at boot time
: and I added a `set CYGWIN=server' to my cygwin.bat file.  When I now
: start my shell, I get exactly 0 event entries, as expected.
: Is there anything special on your machine?  Does it already happen when
: just starting a shell in a console window or what do you mean when you
: say "I start Cygwin"?  I'm always slightly puzzled by this expression,
: given that Cygwin is just a DLL which usually don't get "started".
: Corinna

I do now see that if I start Cygwin using C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat (without
putting `set CYGWIN=server' in my cygwin.bat, since I have it in my
Windows Envrionment), I do not get the Event Viewer errors I reported.
My cygwin.bat file is:
    ----------8<---------- top cut 1/2 -> bottom 1/2 ----------->8----------
@echo off
chdir C:\cygwin\bin
bash --login -i
    ----------8<---------- bottom cut 1/2 <- top 1/2 ----------->8----------

I have been starting Cygwin with a script using Xming, Xwin or Xwin_GL:
    ----------8<---------- top cut 2/2 -> bottom 2/2 ----------->8----------
#! /bin/sh
export DISPLAY=
#... some path exports
Xming -clipboard -multiwindow & #XMING
#XWin -notrayicon -clipboard -multiwindow -silent-dup-error +bs &
#XWin_GL -notrayicon -clipboard -multiwindow -silent-dup-error +bs &
#... some parameters passed to xterm
xterm &
    ----------8<---------- bottom cut 2/2 <- top 2/2 ----------->8----------

I get the errors I reported previously in this thread with or without
putting `set CYGWIN=server' in my cygwin.bat.  (cygwin.bat is not being
called.)  My xterm windows come up fine.

Unfortunately there was no clue in my Event Viewer log that this had
anything to do with X.  It appears that the problem is in X not seeing
my Cygwin environment, and therefore not an issue with Cywin per se.
Since Xwin/Xwin_GL is part of the system I can get from Cygwin's
setup.exe, but they are no longer supported, this is not an issue for
this forum (or for the cygwin-xfree forum).

Thanks for checking.


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