Starting some notes on large paths... what's the right place?(Re: large paths in cygwin.)

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Jul 11 07:34:00 GMT 2007

On Jul 10 19:06, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I don't want to speak for Corinna but I'm not really interested in
> spending a lot of time discussing what needs to be done.  Corinna and I
> have been talking about this for years and know what we need to do.  We
> will get to it eventually.
> The only help we really need is the help of not insinuating that we're
> being stubborn, stupid, or cruel for having opinions about the UTF-8
> patch and for not quickly implementing a replacement.

That's pretty much as I think about it.  We wil start implementing long
path names at one point since it's planned for 1.7.0.  But there's no
reason for haste.


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