Starting some notes on large paths... what's the right place?(Re: large paths in cygwin.)

Dave Korn
Tue Jul 10 22:35:00 GMT 2007

On 10 July 2007 23:25, Robert North wrote:

> Ideally I'd like to place this kind of thing in a cygwin wiki,
> but as Cygwin doesn't have one,  my preference is to place the notes in
> this mailing list, where they will be searchable.
> Is this a good idea?
> Is there a better place to put them?
> --such as the developer's list?

  Perhaps the best place of all to put them would be to write them in the form
of text file which we could add to cygwin cvs as how-paths.txt along the lines
of the various other how-* docs files:

  However that would most likely require you to complete a copyright
assignment form for redhat (and get a disclaimer from your employer if they
might claim rights over your work).  Dumping it to the mailing list is indeed
a reasonable way to get it archived and searchable.  Developers list is
probably more appropriate than this one - it's not likely to be terribly
interesting to most of the audience here!

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