Non-trusted domain user causes mkpasswd and mkgroup to fail

Matt Seitz (matseitz)
Mon Jul 9 22:08:00 GMT 2007

"Long, Phillip GOSS" <> wrote in
>Maybe if U map a drive to a share on a machine in the neopath domain
>using a neopath domain account, the security token your process gets
>will let U access that domain.  I /think/ that's what I've done in the
>past, although I haven't had access to another domain for a couple of
>years now, so I can't check to confirm it.
When I first ran into this, I had already used Windows Explorer to map a
drive letter to a file server in the non-trusted domain.  However,
"mkpasswd" did not use that existing SMB session.  Instead it was
sending an SMB Session Setup with the "domain\user" for my local console
login, not the account I used to map the drive letter.  I also believe
it was being sent to the DC, not the file server I mapped a drive
letter, to.

Now, maybe if I map a drive letter directly to the DC, that might do it.

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